About Us

About Us

vRotors has a Massive Transformative Purpose: Empower the innate explorer in anyone to be actively present anywhere, any time by extending human perception through AI-enabled remote sensors and robotics.


Until vRotors, the primary methods of achieving these goals have been:

  1. The 100-year-old air travel solution that has:
    • Expensive costs, only ~20% global population flies
    • Limited linearly growth
    • Destructive environmental consequences
  2. An aging 2D video streaming viewing experience with:
    • Stagnant progress, the same experience for nearly 20 years
    • Indistinguishable features and technology between providers


The first step in disrupting these industries is a Software-As-A-Service (SAAS) platform enabling users to digitally extend themselves to remote locations through the cloud to controllable cameras and other devices to provide:

  • Immersive presence for a feeling of “being there”
  • Multi-sensory feedback for full human perception
  • Dynamic engagement with user controls of robotic cameras and devices


vRotors sits at the convergence of exponential trends of network communications, robotics, AI, and immersive human machine interfaces (HMI). At its core, the platform provides the infrastructure connection between users and remote location experiences through these technologies.


The founding team brings together years of aerospace, digital media, and video game industry experience. If you would like to join our mission to transform the human experience, please reach out to contact@vrotors.com.


Stay tuned!