About Us

About Us

vRotors has solved the incredibly difficult challenge of controlling remote hardware in real-time and applied the technology initially to its consumer and enterprise drone applications.


Our first release is a real time, live drone racing platform. From home, gamers use their PC or VR headsets to enter virtual cockpits and fly real, remotely connected drones on courses located around the world. The cockpit screen is from the drone camera and the cockpit has full instrumentation including altitude, speed, and direction. Thereby, vRotors is opening real flight experiences to thousands of gamers from their homes.


We are bringing reality into gaming. Video gaming today is a rendered experience where death, crashing, and damage have little tangible connection to the real-world, and thereby lacks an emotional connection of real impact. vRotors is transforming the video game industry in a similar way that realty TV has taken over broadcast television. It is live event driven experience with real people from the community competing in an open audience forum. With the pilots being the stars, its brings influencer led gaming to the next level by enabling the audience to intimately join them as supporting gunners in the same drone. It enables an interactive broadcast for the audience to engage with at different levels: passive stream viewing, engaged stream viewing where viewers repair shields on the drones by pressing overlay buttons using Twitch extensions, direct gaming experience with co-players joining as gunners, and the direct racing opportunities of the pilots.


Founder Neil Malhotra brings together years of aerospace and video game industry experience. Having worked on deep space missions at JPL, commercial rocket launches at Orbital, and obtaining his private pilot license, Neil has a passion for aviation and space. His degree is in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Michigan and graduate work at Caltech. Later in his career, co-founded Acclaim Games which was acquired by Playdom / Disney and served as the Skybound CTO, the creator of The Walking Dead. Through the years working on video games, Neil brought together the core engineering team working on this project: Naveen, Manju, Sourav, and Rama. The team is cohesive and unstoppable. If you would like to join, contact us at contact@vrotors.com.


Stay tuned!