vRotors was inspired by a vision of enabling anyone to fly and race drones. With the first phase of development complete, the engineering achievement materialized significant technological advancement which attracted interest from businesses and organizations across the globe from a variety of industrial sectors. In support of that interest, we have established an Enterprise version of the vRotors platform.


Live Interactive Observation

The vRotors Enterprise platform enables live, interactive, remote operations between drones, pilots, and corporate offices. Compared with recorded videos, live interactive sessions allow for dynamic flight adjustments for in-depth observations and discovery saving time and money.


Here is how it works:

– drone operator deploys drone near destination location

– remote pilot controls drone and moves to target observation points using combination of automated map waypoints and manual steering

– remote corporate office participants watch live stream video and flight maps while talking to pilots and taking direct control of cameras when needed



Maintain real-time monitoring of controlled areas, escalating drone control to headquarters when suspicious activity is observed. Monitor live video streams on large displays in main security office. Use thermal imaging to augment normal camera views.


Law Enforcement

Deploy drones in the field and allow command personnel to remotely observe and control the drones when needed over live situations. Send out drones to reported incident areas for fast response while ground units prepare and travel to the destination.



Observe exercises from remote headquarter locations while controlling the drone and directing units from above. Distribute the live video streams to on-ground commanders for live intelligence conversation and coordination.


Search and Rescue

Send drone operators into assigned remote search quadrants and observe live streams on large monitors at command centers, allowing for discovery of small details in real-time while directing the drone to re-examine areas of interest. Gain life saving time with live observation versus reviewing recorded video and requiring repeat coverage to check unusual features.



Allow the engineering team to remotely observe towers and other installations from drones to avoid missed details and allow direct camera control for close inspection. Observe remote facilities under construction on a daily basis from the main office.


Oil and Gas

Provide security and inspection of facilities both on-shore and off-shore with live video streams to central headquarter locations. Provide inspection opportunities of pipelines and other remote areas in collaboration between pilots and office based engineering teams in real-time.



24/7 aerial observation of large area facilities for security and management with live video streams shared between on-ground personnel along with remote office locations. Always-on aerial observation and real-time close observation of activity and facilities.


News Coverage

Broadcast to live audiences aerial coverage of local events bringing news anchors into the drone cockpit to guide the flight with commentary. Audiences can real-time chat with the news reporter and respond to survey questions for complete interactivity.



Bring live audiences into the air, in the cockpit of the drone with the commentators as they live control drones in aerial views of sporting events. Push the live stream onto jumbo monitors in-stadium for local audience consumption and reaction.


Live Events

From an aerial view, interact with audiences at live events. Bring celebrities and announcers into the cockpit to broadcast on event screens for real-time engagement. Provide unforgettable views and incredibly huge group videos of the entire audience in mass.



Daily observation and inspection of progress of sites. Collaborate with remote architects, engineers, subcontractors, and on-ground personnel for transparent observation of actual status and issues. Provide in-depth real-time updates with customers and interested parties.


If you are interested in trying the vRotors Enterprise platform in your business operations, contact us here and we’ll respond promptly.