Twitch Streams

Do you stream on Twitch? Play vRotors and your audience can interact with you through custom Twitch extensions and directly support you in races on your channel. We offer exclusive in-game customization to enhance the connection between you and your community. Let us know if you are interested in getting involved in our early access program.

Race Courses

Do you have an outdoor facility or property that would make a good race course? We usually need 5-10 acres of space and no physical changes are needed since the course track is defined using virtual objects in augmented reality. We offer several programs to partner together in win-win revenue opportunities.


Do you have knowledge and access to fly over interesting locations? Use the vRotors platform to guide an audience in a broadcasted stream with advanced interactive and ride-along features, or offer individuals personal tours directly. Tour plans can be pre-defined to provide an overall structure for the experience while allowing for flexibility for unique variations on every flight.


Do you want to connect with a next-generation engaged audience? The vRotors platform operates at the intersection of drone racing, virtual reality, augmented reality, video gaming, live streaming, and e-sports. There are numerous opportunities to put your brand organically interwoven in support of the vRotors experiences and get connected with this incredible community. Global opportunities exist through our worldwide network of course partners and monthly tournament events offer always-on current relevance.

If you are interested in any of the above partnership opportunities, reach out to us through our contact page here and we’ll respond promptly.