Win $100! Sign-ups open for streamers and gamers.



vRotors is launching its groundbreaking remote drone racing platform with a Twitch and Mixer streamers mini-tournament and is giving a $100 prize every week! Streamers from their home using a PC or VR headset race real drones located on remote courses. vRotors is pioneering a revolutionary telerobotics platform to power remote drone racing.

The races occur weekly at different course locations. Augmented reality rendered virtual objects define the racecourse structure and course designs change as the tournament progresses. This first tournament will begin shortly and runs for 3 weeks with a $100 prize awarded weekly to the streamer with the top leaderboard position. Twitch streamers can install the vRotors Racing Twitch extension to let their audiences interact during the race and repair critical shield levels (coming soon to Mixer!). Audience interactivity is a critical component to getting the best race times. Practice sessions are available to develop piloting skills.

If you are a streamer, sign up now at or contact us at

Want to race vRotors as an individual gamer? You can sign up too! We will be giving $100 prize to a randomly selected new individual gamer signup each week during the tournament. And we will be inviting gamers to test the vRotors early experience and give feedback. Now is a great opportunity to get a first look!

If you are a gamer, sign up now at or contact us at