Infrastructure image scanning
We bring a drone onsite and fly patterns around infrastructure to collect images used to build 3D models for engineering and inspection reference.
The high-resolution images and models can provide detailed insight to structural, cable, and exterior conditions.
The customer receives:
  • All raw images sets.
  • 3D model files for CAD program import.
  • Web hosted 3D model for easy sharing with internal and external partners.
  • Point cloud data.
Optional services:
  • Live collaboration
    Join into drone flights from an office PC (or phone) and control the camera for live inspection reviews; team members across different offices anywhere in the country and all connect to the drone session together.
  • Recorded video
    Recorded video from the entire drone flight.
  • 24 hour service
    Depending on locality, if there was an incident at a facility, 24 hour service for image scanning and 3D models.
  • Support for other agencies
    Police, fire, etc.
  • Ground based image scan
    Ground based image scan alternatives when drone flights not permitted.
  • Thermal imaging scans
    Identify HVAC roof and pipeline issues, spot damaged solar panels, discover hazordous material leaks.