Control remote robotics with the vRotors platform
Through our platform, users can connect to and control remotely located robotic hardware, how about a robot arm in space! Our end-to-end solution provides end user client applications on a variety of platforms including PCs and VR headsets as well as an extensive API for real-time control, telemetry, haptics, audio, and video. Contact us to integrate your robot hardware to the vRotors platform and make it available to your users.
We also offer an integrated simulator environment for testing and tuning control settings and the user experience.
Integrate your robotic hardware to vRotors for remote operations!
The on-site robot field administrator maintains authority over the robot, but allows the remote participants to have interactive control via granted permissions.
We are at the forefront of telerobotics!
Our team pushes the envelope of what’s possible, working with leading edge innovation partners across multidisciplinary fields. Whether its advanced vision systems using stereo or 360 degree cameras or machine vision, AI learning systems, or swarm systems, we’ve got our foot in the door to ensure that the vRotors platform has the features robot innovation makers require for 21st century remote operations.
Partners with Duke University and the University of Illinois in the $10M ANA Avatar XPRIZE competition
The feature and technology depth of the vRotors platform has led to a team partnership with Duke University and the University of Illinois in the $10M ANA Avatar XPRIZE competition. As the universities innovate on human avatar robot hardware, vRotors provides expertise on remote control through VR clients, low latency data and video networking, and augmented reality enhanced visualization.